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New Partnership For Cairn and Ancho

A good quality, warm and affordable home is what everyone wants for themselves and their friends and family.  ANCHO and Cairn Housing Associations provide affordable rented homes and housing services to local communities. Following the very positive result in the recent tenant ballot, and subject to a special general meeting in August, the two Associations are about to form a partnership to deliver a better deal for local people in Irvine and Kilwinning.

The two housing association (registered social landlords) have been working together closely over the last two years to build the business case and set out a compelling offer to ANCHO tenants to form a new Cairn Group through the establishment of a constitutional partnership.  The proposed new Group will have a combined turnover of £20 million, net assets of £64 million, 186 staff and over 4,000 properties in management.

As required by the Scottish Housing Regulator, the tenants quite rightly had the final say and with every ANCHO tenant getting a vote to decide whether or not the partnership will go ahead, the positive YES vote was very encouraging.  This follows over a year of consultation with ANCHO’s customers about the proposals and the offer to tenants.  This offer included rent guarantees on affordability, continued local services by the local team and specific promises on an increased and accelerated investment programme on ANCHO housing stock.  Customers will benefit from:

  • Continued locally based services from the ANCHO team in Irvine, with back office support such as HR, IT and finance and governance support from Cairn
  • £4.5m in additional investment from the Cairn Group in to North Ayrshire , with hundreds of new kitchens, new roofs, external wall insulation, rewires, doors and new windows and other improvements to improve the quality of the homes.  This is in addition to ANCHO’s £3.5 million planned programme
  • An affordable rent guarantee for five years, with lower rent increases than would be the case by a stand-alone ANCHO
  • The potential to develop new affordable rented homes in North Ayrshire

The partnership will create operational efficiencies and savings whilst protecting existing local jobs ANCHO. 

It’s an exciting time for both organisations and the positive things that will be possible through the new partnership. Cairn’s Vision is Great Homes, Great Services People. ANCHO’s goal is Thriving Communities.   

CAIRN-ANCHO team can soon get started on the new investment and service improvements that will come with the formation of the new Cairn Group. 

Chief Executive Jason MacGilp, Cairn Housing Association, said: "The CAIRN-ANCHO Partnership will bring in significant new investment into North Ayrshire, and new ways of working to benefit local tenants.  We are looking forward to doing just that and to continue working positively with North Ayrshire Council and other local agencies for the benefit of the local community."



Posted on Monday 30th July 2018