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Letter from Evolution

1 October, 2018

Dear Chief Executive,

Evolution Skatepark is a registered charity operating in Stevenston, governed by a board of Volunteer Directors. Our mission is to provide a safe space for young people to socialise, interact and experience outdoor skating in a supervised and controlled environment. In addition to free style skating and biking we offer a variety of youth activities, one to one tutoring sessions, competitions and workshops. We promote respect, community spirit and equality across our membership group.

Our key objectives are to:

  1. promote health and well-being for young people
  2. help reduce social isolation for young people
  3. help reduce youth crime
  4. contribute to better opportunities and outcomes for young people

You may not be aware but a number of areas within the Three Towns are ranked amongst the highest areas of deprivation in North Ayrshire. A high percentage of our members come from low income families and are disadvantaged in many ways. We offer a stimulating environment, provide low cost drinks, snacks and offer a place of safety.

In order to secure and sustain a future for Evolution Skatepark we need to be creative and unlock new business opportunities to realise our potential.  The recruitment of volunteer board members has been difficult so far therefore we are reaching out to you to help with Board Membership (strategy and business planning); practical ‘in kind’ support such as Marketing and Publicity, IT, Catering and Finance or Building and Trade Services.

Do you have experience, capacity and time to invest in the future and life chances of our local young people? If so, please join us on the journey and get in touch with us at:

Yours sincerely


Donna Morrison

Director (Evolution Skatepark)

Posted on Wednesday 21st November 2018