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UPM Caledonian

Leading magazine publishers turn to UPM in Ayrshire when they need to source the lightweight coated (LWC) paper for their top titles, catalogues and a wide range of advertising materials - making UPM one of the world’s leading suppliers.

Producing over 260,000 tonnes of paper every year, UPM’s success is founded on a superb location on the Clyde coast and excellent road and rail transport connections that ease the delivery of raw materials and dispatch of manufactured paper.

Established in 1989, the UPM Caledonian Mill at Irvine was constructed as the UK’s most modern paper mill. With an initial investment of more than £215million, UPM’s commitment to Irvine, the area and the environment continues today. The impressive environmental credentials of UPM include the whole product life cycle, from raw material sourcing to production and delivery, from final end-use to disposal of product.

UPM’s Biofore vision aims to lead the integration of bio and forest industries into a new, sustainable and innovation-driven future. The highly efficient Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant is 100% Biomass fuelled, enabling UPM Caledonian to generate all its process steam requirements and approximately 55% of its electricity supply needs on site.

The development of the CHP plant has reduced emissions to the atmosphere by approximately 75,000 tonnes per annum and supports the Scottish Government target to achieve 80% of the country’s power generation from renewable sources by the year 2020. In addition, it has a strong fit with the Scottish forest industry and is making an important contribution to the delivery of the Scottish Forestry Strategy|. The Strategy recognises Scotland’s forests, woodlands and trees as valued resources, setting out opportunities for forestry to help the economy grow, whilst safeguarding Scotland’s natural and historic environment.   

“UPM has been investing in North Ayrshire since 1989. North Ayrshire is an excellent place to do business and all government and investment agencies in the area have been incredibly supportive to our organisation over many years.” – Gordon McLean, Technical Director, UPM Caledonian