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Ardagh Glass

Some of the world’s leading luxury spirit brands are supported by Ardagh Glass, one of North Ayrshire’s largest employers. Each year Ardagh Glass produces more than 13 billion glass bottles - so next time you pour yourself a drink take a closer look, there’s a good chance that the bottle for your Smirnoff, Gordon’s, Glenfiddich or Jameson was made in North Ayrshire. 

Since 1921, glass manufacturing has played a prominent role in the local economy, thanks to the availability of raw materials in the Irvine area. With the advancement of technology and an emphasis on sustainability, recycled materials are becoming the primary material source at the plant. The efficiency of the plant means that a glass bottle can be remade 1,000 times without losing quality. 

Easy access to key markets by road, the strength of Scotland’s drinks industry, the availability and quality of a skilled workforce as well as support from Scottish Enterprise, North Ayrshire Council and the Scottish Government all assist the continued growth and success of the Ardagh Group in Irvine. 

In the last three years the company has invested £16 million in its plant at Irvine. This included a £1.95 million Regional Selective Assistance Award from the Scottish Government towards a new furnace, machinery and the implementation of a Carbon Trust energy saving programme. These important developments have led to an annual reduction of approximately 2,405 tonnes in CO2 emissions.

Ardagh now aims to increase output by a further 20 million bottles taking production to 330,000 million bottles a year – something worth celebrating for everyone associated with this world-leading business.

“I love the environment here. I live overlooking Ardrossan harbour which gives me easy access to the outdoor lifestyle on Arran.”- Ray Blackwell, Plant Director for Ardagh Group Irvine